Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three Maples

Hot cider and fresh cookies.

I love going away!  Sometimes your stay can be hindered by, well, where you are staying.  On a trip to Virginia once, we arrived in out hotel room... to a bloody cloth in the bathroom.  No joke.  They didn't believe me when I told them until I called a second time.


I can whole heartedly say that this was not the case on this trip.  Steve booked Three Maples, in Sharon, NH for our 2 night stay.  That place is my dream.  I walked around the house snapping away while drinking french pressed coffee, hot but not scalding.  Old instruments hung from the walls, a checker board strategically placed in between two cozy chairs, in front of a roaring fire place.  Molly, their 19 year old cat, followed me around happy to be pet.  The history of the house dates back to 1790 and was charming and warm, from the rustic wood floors to the exposed ceiling rafters.  You could tell a lot of love was put into this house.

We arrived after dark and were greeted by owners, Linda and David.  Linda had baked cookies for our arrival along with hot cider, that I can smell in my head.  As we settled in, she  asked where we would like to go for dinner, have us menus, and then made reservations to a great local spot, The Waterhouse Restaurant.  We arrived and got the best seat in the house, by the large windows overlooking a babbling brook. 

When we arrived back at the b&b, a cold bottle of bubbly awaited with two glasses and a sweet note.


In the two mornings we woke at Three Maples, we feasted on delicious Quiche (that Steve said rivaled my own recipe... I agreed) and French Toast Creme Brulee, that I could never try to top.  We ate to our hearts content.

The fire places were toasty, one in the living room, another in our bedroom, and another in our bathroom!  Linda was full of information, like where to go, how to get there, what shops to frequent, and where to eat.  Every place she recommended was lovely, from restaurants to antiques.

1790's Colonial, Three Maples.

To top off the trip, Steve Neff (my fiance) booked Three Maples.  Linda said "Oh your last name is Neff, that's funny, N.E.F.F. is in our back yard as in New England Forestry Foundation." 

That's been one of my dreams, to open a bed and breakfast when Steve and I are older, after staying at Three Maples, I have a great example of what a b&b should be.

*I am in no way endorsed by Three Maples, just a really happy (and can't wait to be a repeat) customer.

The "Neale Suite", our room.

This is what mornings look like at Three Maples.

Victorian knife holders, Linda showed me her collection. 
I am now obsessed.

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